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Plural Protocols

Goal and Scope

M. N. Hegde, Ph.D., Series Editor

Plural Protocols help the busy clinician save planning time, effort and money through comprehensive and detailed assessment and treatment plans that specify and deliver target skills using multiple exemplars.

Much more than descriptions of procedures, Plural Protocols are comprehensive and detailed enough that a clinician can simply follow the protocols to complete baserates, evaluate, assess, treat, and probe. The Protocols are unique in that they are written as scripts - scripts that describe and define the roles the clinician and the client play in sessions. In addition, the clinician will find all that is necessary to evaluate and document the client's entry level skills, progress during treatment, and generalized productions of target skills. To accomplish this important task, the protocols include baserate, evaluation and treatment, and probe recording sheets.

Unlike any resource manuals that exist, the Protocols have all the assessment tools and treatment targets and their exemplars already printed on forms the clinician can use in client sessions. All recording sheets may be either photocopied or printed from the included compact disc, all of which can be customized and personalized.