Plural Publishing produces leading academic, scientific and clinical publications in the fields of speech-language pathology, audiology, and otolaryngology.

Publication Series

Plural’s Book Series are designed to embrace specialized content areas in which there is a need for multiple books, each addressing a different aspect of the subject matter. A series is necessary in an area that cannot be completely addressed by one comprehensive book. For each of Plural’s Book Series, a Series Editor or team of Series Editors of distinction are responsible for bringing together highly focused topics for books targeted to a specific audience such as clinicians, students, and researchers, based on the identified content needs of the profession. None of the texts within a series is designed to comprehensively address the entire field but to specifically focus on a particular area. The ultimate goal of each of Plural’s Book Series is to provide an umbrella of content, with each book serving as a spoke supporting the canopy.

Write for Series

If you are interested in writing a topical book for one of the series below, please contact:

Core Clinical Concepts In Audiology

Brad Stach Ph.D., Series Editor

The Core Clinical Concepts Series provides graduate students and inquiring practitioners with practical materials for development of fundamental clinical knowledge and skills for audiology practice.

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Here's How

Thomas Murry, Ph.D., Series Editor

Books in the Here's How Series supplement the classroom knowledge necessary to become outstanding clinicians.

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Hearing Aids

H. Gustav Mueller, Ph.D., Series Editor

New! This series will be devoted to providing current literature on all aspects of hearing aids. More information on this series will be available shortly.

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Ryan Branski, Ph.D., Series Editor

This series compiles "classic", highly-cited journal articles within a specialty paired with commentaries on their importance from leaders in the field.

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Clinical Dysphagia

John C. Rosenbek, Ph.D. and Harrison N. Jones, Ph.D., Series Editors

This series comprises volumes with content aimed specifically at students, eager to learn best practices, and clinicians, ever alert to confirming that they are practicing state of the science and art care.

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Emergent and Early Literacy

Laura M. Justice, Ph.D., Series Editor

Plural Publishing’s Series on Emergent and Early Literacy provides clinical professionals with usable, practical, and evidence-based tools for making literacy an integral component of their interventions for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children.

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Genetic Syndromes and Communication Disorders

Robert J. Shprintzen, Ph.D., Series Editor

This series will include volumes covering both general and specific topics related to genetic disease, including areas related to speech, language, hearing, cognition, education, behavior, and interdisciplinary care. The authors and editors in this series have been selected from a range of professions, affording the series a multidisciplinary approach to genetic syndromes that emphasizes the translation of modern science to state-of-the-art care.

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Plural Protocols

M. N. Hegde, Ph.D., Series Editor

Plural Protocols help the busy clinician save planning time, effort and money through comprehensive and detailed assessment and treatment plans that specify and deliver target skills " using multiple exemplars.

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