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Voice Training Programs for Professional Speakers
Global Outcomes

Edited by: Aliaa Khidr
200 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 7 x 10"
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Voice Training Programs for Professional Speakers: Global Outcomes is a professional resource for voice education and training programs used to care for the voice of different professional speakers and occupational voice users. This includes teachers, media reporters, fitness instructors, telemarketers, and more. Each chapter is authored by an experienced voice clinician who provides a clear description of a target population and its challenges, as well as a detailed roadmap describing a unique global experience in developing, implementing and advocating for these programs in academic institutions, professional unions, and work places.

The book raises awareness regarding the role of voice education and training programs in securing employment, ensuring adequate job performance, and sustaining the careers of professional speakers. Voice Training Programs for Professional Speakers promotes health care amongst future and current professional speakers and can be used by phoniatricians, logopedists, speech-language pathologists, and vocal coaches as a comprehensive resource for tailored preventative and management programs across the globe.


Section I. Experts from Europe

Chapter 1. Voice Ergonomics for Professional Speakers: Who Needs Them? Who Provides Them? What do They do?
Leena Rantala and Eeva Sala

Chapter 2. Test-Theory-Training-Transfer: Voice Training in Future Radio Presenters
Bernadette Timmermans and Marc De Bodt

Section II. Expert from Africa

Chapter 3. Developing an In-Class Voice Education and Training Program for Prospective Speech Language Pathologists
Aliaa Khidr, Meredith Roper, and Michael Hull

Section III. Expert from Australia

Chapter 4. Keeping the Voice Fit: Voice Education and Training for the Fitness Industry
Anna Rumbach

Section IV. Experts from South America

Chapter 5. Speech Language Pathology Services for Professional Television Broadcasters
Vanessa Pedrosa

Chapter 6. Vocal Health Program for Teachers
Fabiana Zambon, Luiz Antonio Barbagli, and Mara Behlau

Chapter 7. Vocal Health and Communication Training of Telemarketers in Brazil
Ana Elisa Ferreira

Section V. Expert from North America

Chapter 8. Speaking from the Soul: Theatre Voice and Text Work for Clergy
Kate Burke


About The Editor

Aliaa Khidr

Aliaa Khidr, MD, PhD, CCC-SLP is a Professor of Phoniatrics (medical speech pathology). She received her medical degree from Ain Shams University in Cairo Egypt, and served as faculty in its Phoniatrics Department as well as in the Communication Disorders Department of University of Virginia. She is the author of several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters related to functional voice disorders and outcomes of surgical, medical and behavioral management, especially the “Smith Accent” technique of voice therapy. Dr. Khidr specializes in the study of voice production, disorders and management; and is passionate about preventive voice care education as well as finding, training and empowering one’s professional voice. She is an active national and international speaker and provides year round “Voice Education and Training” workshops for prospective and professional speakers. She also serves as a clinical, academic and research consultant for speech pathology programs in the Middle East.

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