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The Vocal Athlete
Application and Technique for the Hybrid Singer

Co-Authors: Marci Rosenberg, Wendy D. LeBorgne
144 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Spiral Bound, 8.5 x 11"
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The Vocal Athlete: Application and Technique for the Hybrid Singer is a compilation of voice exercises created and used by well-known voice pedagogues from preeminent colleges, established private studios, and clinical settings. The exercises focus on various aspects of contemporary commercial music (CCM) including bodywork, mental preparation, registration, and much more. The book is designed to accompany its companion text, The Vocal Athlete, a first of its kind in singing science and pedagogy developed for singers of all styles with a particular emphasis on CCM.

Also included is a CD of the singing exercises to further enhance understanding of techniques and skills used in training this type of singer. Both The Vocal Athlete: Application and Technique for the Hybrid Singer and its companion text are invaluable tools for anyone who uses or trains the singing voice or works with CCM singers.

Learn about the main text The Vocal Athlete.


  • Barbara Fox DeMaio Caprilli, DMA, Assistant Professor of Voice University of Central Oklahoma, Artistic Director American Singers' Opera Project, NC, DMA Vocal Pedagogy Shenandoah Conservatory (August 16, 2014):
    "I will be using The Vocal Athlete for my Vocal Pedagogy class in the Spring. For many years I have been looking for a book that was the right combination of vocal science and classical pedagogy, yet at the same time an accessible read for the college classroom. This is the book; indeed, I have the feeling that this will become the go-to Vocal Pedagogy textbook for many years to come. The book is one of the first to address the unique challenges of the modern Contemporary Commercial Music field, but there is also an extensive chapter on the history of classical Vocal Pedagogy. This book has it all; and don't forget the workbook which is full of very useful exercises for the modern voice studio, indispensable for your students as they begin to teach."

  • Charlie Gilbert, The SAVI Singing Actor (September, 8, 2014):
    "With the publication of The Vocal Athlete, singers and voice teachers now have access to a remarkable, unprecedented collection of resources. The breadth and comprehensiveness of this two-volume set are remarkable… The phenomenon of the “hybrid singer” has led to the proliferation of a “hybrid teacher”… Early responses suggest that this kind of teacher will find “The Vocal Athlete” to be an incredibly valuable resource, a compendium of some of the best and most current thinking in the field, complemented by a thoughtful review of the scientific literature. … [The companion] workbook and CD provide both teachers and students with the opportunity to explore some of the best practices of the world’s top pedagogues..."

  • Patricia Boehm, PhD, Professor of Music, University of Mount Union (November 2014):
    "I find the tables and illustrations extremely engaging and useful for allowing us to have the mind/body/spirit discussions with our singers. In addition, the chapters that are specific to wellness for singing in Section II are also powerful and support the profession’s turn toward ministering to the whole body as the singing instrument."

A Word about the Accompanying CD

Section I. Preparing the Singer’s Mind and Body

  • Introduction and Overview

  • Chapter 1. Exercises for Mental Focus
    • Centering the Breath
      • Barbara J. Walker
    • The Voice Scan
      • Robert C. Sussuma
    • The Singing Self: A Three-Part Contemplation
      • Robert C. Sussuma
    • Dialogue with Your Voice
      • Joanna Cazden
    • Your Voice in Real Life: A Vocal Exploration through Laughing and Crying
      • Jeremy Ryan Mossman
    • Mental Focus and Vocal Preparation
      • Martin L. Spencer
    • Scale of Vocal Effort
      • Marci Daniels Rosenberg
    • Notes

  • Chapter 2. Physical Stretches and Alignment
    • Body Movement to Achieve Vocal Freedom
      • Sarah L. Schneider
    • Semi-Supine with Spinal Jiggle and Pelvic Bowl Slosh/Slide
      • Marya Spring Cordes
    • Balancing Your Head
      • Marina Gilman
    • Freeing the Neck and Shoulders: A New Approach
      • Marina Gilman
    • Climbing the Ladder
    • Caroline Helton
    • Anterior Chest Openers to Improve Posture
      • Jill Vonderhaar Nader
    • Lower Back Expansion
      • Sarah Maines
    • Notes

  • Chapter 3. Stretches and Exercises for Breathing
    • Physical Stretches for Optimal Rib Cage and Respiratory Muscle Expansion
      • Erin N. Donahue and Wendy D. LeBorgne
    • Finding the Abs
      • Joan Melton
    • Breath Management Strategy for Vocal Percussion
      • Bari Hoffman Ruddy and Adam Lloyd
    • References
    • Notes

  • Chapter 4. Stretching and Relaxation for Tongue and Jaw
    • Jaw Exercises for Singing
      • Miriam van Mersbergen
    • Jaw Opening/Tongue Tension Isolation
      • Miriam van Mersbergen
    • Tongue Stretches for Singers
      • Maria Cristina A. Jackson-Menaldi
    • Staccato and Legato Tongue Release
      • Tracy Bourne
    • References
    • Notes

Section II. Training the Hybrid Singer

  • Introduction and Overview

  • Chapter 5. Vocal Warm-Up and Cool-Down
    • The Motor Boat
      • Caroline Helton
    • Descending 5-Tone on Lip Trill
      • Norman Spivey
    • Middle Voice Palate Stretch
      • Beverly A. Patton
    • Vowel Tuning
      • Scott Piper
    • Mirening
      • Thomas Francis Burke, III
    • The Gargle Exercise: Calibrate and Condition
      • Jennifer Muckala
    • Vocal Cool-Down Exercise for the Hybrid Singer
      • Renee O. Gottliebson
    • References
    • Notes

  • Chapter 6. Laryngeal Strength and Coordination
    • Connecting the Voice to the Body and Breath
      • Stephanie Samaras
    • Clari-Bees
      • Katherine McConville
    • Messa Di Voce for Musical Theater/CCM
      • Mary Saunders-Barton
    • Cup Phonation: A Semioccluded Vocal Tract Exercise
      • 'Marci Daniels Rosenberg
    • The Elusive Whistle Register: Hanging Out Up High
      • Jonelyn Langenstein and Brian E. Petty
    • Phonation Resistance Training Exercise (PhoRTE): Application to the Elderly Singer’s Vocal Rehabilitation
      • Aaron S. Ziegler and Edie R. Hapner
    • References
    • Notes

  • Chapter 7. Registration and Vocal Tract Modification
    • Head Voice Stability
      • Sarah Maines
    • Head Voice in the Passaggio
      • Beverly A. Patton
    • You Send Me
      • Kathryn Green
    • The Pinball Wizard
      • Kathryn Green
    • Released Vocal Regulation
      • Martin L. Spencer
    • Swing Arpeggio
      • Michelle Rosen
    • Speech-Like Arpeggios
      • Norman Spivey
    • Sustained (2nd, 3rd, 5th, and octave) Glide
      • Bari Hoffman Ruddy and Adam Lloyd
    • Accessing "Mix"
      • Jeannette L. LoVetri
    • Vocalizing the Speaking Mix
      • Mary Saunders-Barton
    • Four Exercises for Simple Speech
      • Beverly A. Patton
    • Register Transition Exploration
      • Aaron M. Johnson
    • Honking
      • Sarah L. Schneider
    • Meow Mix
      • Kelly M. Holst
    • Fix It in the Mix
      • Starr Cookman
    • Slidy aa’s
      • Lisa Popeil
    • Hoot-n-Hollar
      • James Curtis and Brian E. Petty
    • References
    • Notes

  • Chapter 8. Training Vocal Styles
    • Introduction
    • Bratty Twang
      • Norman Spivey
    • Closed Position for High Conversational Music Theater
      • Benjamin Czarnota
    • Woah Yeah!
      • Patricia M. Linhart
    • Belted "Hey"
      • Joan Ellison
    • Belt High Notes Like Oprah Winfrey
      • Jennifer DeRosa
    • Blissful Belting
      • Joan Lader
    • Layla and the Canadian Surfer: Belting in Four Easy Steps
      • Chris York
    • Boom Ba Chicka
      • Matthew Edwards
    • Multiple Personalities Vocal Exercise
      • Wendy D. LeBorgne
    • Register Isolation for Choral Singers
      • Edward Reisert
    • Light Chest Mix for Mixed Choir
      • Thomas Arduini
    • The Ultimate Rock Sound
      • Sheri Sanders
    • Creating the Logical 16-Bar Audition Cut
      • Robert Marks
    • Notes
    • Conclusion