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Videofluoroscopy Bundle

Co-Editors: Roger D. Newman, Julie M. Nightingale
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Videofluoroscopy: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach is a timely volume that helps to meet the growing need for multidisciplinary team knowledge of the videofluoroscopic swallowing study (VFSS). Clinicians increasingly rely on the objective examination of swallowing to create a baseline for the patient as part of his or her diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Increasing demand for new and established diagnostic and interventional procedures has encouraged innovative models of service delivery, resulting in an extended range of health professionals crossing the traditional practice boundaries. In particular, the radiographers who complete the examination, along with the speech and language therapists, need to learn more about the swallowing function. Likewise, it is essential that speech and language therapists increase their knowledge base on the radiographic aspects of the examination. Authored by numerous highly regarded scholars, Videofluoroscopy: A Multidisciplinary Team Approach serves as a crucial resource to help all members of the videofluoroscopy service team acquire the knowledge and skills they require.

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Videofluoroscopic Review of Swallowing: Biomechanics, Physiology, and Pathology is a full-length DVD that shows real-time VFSS recordings of the normal swallow and abnormal swallows seen in a variety of disorders, ranging from neurological to structural. A full radiological narrative accompanies the X-ray image sequences displayed in the DVD to assist the viewer interpret the image and enhance his or her own learning of the biomechanics of swallowing. It is essential that all professionals involved in the procedure demonstrate an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the interpretation of the VFSS, something which can only be achieved through real-time functional image interpretation.

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  • Cameron Sellars, SLT, Site and Team Lead, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Bulletin (July 2013):
    "This ambitious textbook and DVD is clearly designed for the SLT who is relatively new to the field of videofluoroscopy of swallow studies (VFSS). [I]t has much to offer the team considering establishing a new VFSS service and those who consider themselves ‘experts’ will also find much that is instructive. It offers a comprehensive range of topics, across many clinical fields and clinical indications. The authors, many of whom are highly regarded in the world of dysphagia, are non-medical and include our radiography colleagues. The book includes many gems, not least the reminders by Huckabee, and Doeltgen, and Coyle to avoid a simple descriptive narrative of the VFSS and consider the underlying neurology and biomechanics..."


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Jonathan E. Aviv, Thomas Murry

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