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Therapy For Singers, Part I and II

Oren Brown
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Part I: Lecture and Demonstration
Describes the range of the author's patients with voice disorders and some of the symptomatology they have presented. Points out patterns of voice abuse and aspects of healthy voice production. A demonstration of a singing voice therapy session is presented in which the patient relates a history of past voice use and symtomatology of the vocal problems.

Part II: Therapy Sessions With a Male and a Female patient
The patient describes his or her vocal sympomatology and gives a brief singing and medical history. Exercises utilizing humming and scale patterns on different vowels are demonstrated. The patient describes his or her responses to the exercises after four weeks of treatment.

This product is a reissue of an original Voice Foundation videotape. As such, recording quality may vary or may not match modern standards and, while much material is still valid, some surgical and therapy techniques and equipment presented may be dated. Generally, however, the products represent a valuable historical perspective on the evolution of voice care.

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Oren Brown