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Phonological Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders in Children
A Practical Guide

Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler, Diane Garcia
316 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 8.5 x 11"
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Phonological Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders in Children: A Practical Guide provides speech-language pathologists with a road map for implementation of selected treatment methods that can have a significant, positive impact on children's speech intelligibility and communicative effectiveness. This practical workbook is useful for speech-language pathologists who work with children with speech sound disorders in schools, private practices, or clinics. It can also be used as a supplementary text for a clinical methods course or within a speech sound disorders clinical practicum. This workbook is an easy-to-follow guide that allows clinicians to move from assessment results to treatment planning and execution.

The methods included are those that demonstrate treatment efficacy and include minimal pair therapy, multiple oppositions, maximal oppositions, complexity approaches, phonotactic therapy, core vocabulary intervention, cycles approach, and using phonological/phonemic awareness within the treatment protocol for speech sound disorders. Discussion of each method includes the collection and analysis of data, the establishment of intervention targets and goals, and therapy guidelines. Case studies are used to demonstrate each treatment paradigm, and suggestions for use within a group therapy format are provided. Current references allow the clinicians to further study each of the methods presented.

Key Features:

  • Presents methods which have documented success treating children with speech sound disorders.
  • Practically oriented so that readers can easily see the progression from the data to treatment goals and outcome measures.
  • Utilizes case studies to further exemplify the specific phonological method.
  • Demonstrates the use of techniques within a group therapy setting, which is the main mode of delivery for most clinicians.
  • Supplies materials to be used in specific therapy contexts, including data collection forms, sample goals, flowcharts for target selection, and progress monitoring worksheets.
  • Provides suggestions for which therapy methods might be better suited for individual children based on research supporting age, severity levels, and characteristics of the disorder.
  • Includes a PluralPlus companion website with video case studies demonstrating children of varying ages and complexity of phonological disorder.

Regardless of the type or etiology of a speech sound disorder, phonological treatment methods are an important component of an effective intervention plan. For children who present with a phonological disorder as their primary impairment, one or more of these methods may form the core of their therapy program. For others, particularly those with complex needs, phonological treatment may be one piece of a much larger intervention puzzle. In recent decades, exciting developments have occurred regarding the treatment of phonological deficits. The result is therapeutic protocols that are more efficient and effective. This workbook is designed to help bridge the gap between research and application.


Chapter 1. Introduction to Phonological Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders
Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler and Diane Garcia

Chapter 2. Ways to Collect and Analyze Data
Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler

Chapter 3. Minimal Pair Therapy
Diane Garcia

Chapter 4. Multiple Oppositions Intervention
Diane Garcia

Chapter 5. Maximal Opposition Therapy
Diane Garcia

Chapter 6. Complexity Approaches
Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler

Chapter 7. Phonotactic Therapy
Diane Garcia

Chapter 8. Core Vocabulary Approach
Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler

Chapter 9. Cycles Phonological Remediation Approach
Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler

Chapter 10. Phonological/Phonemic Awareness and the Treatment of Children with Speech Sound Disorders
Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler

Chapter 11. Case Studies
Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler and Diane Garcia


About The Authors

Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler

Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler, PhD, CCC-SLP, has been a university professor and most recently a speech-language clinician in the public schools. Her main teaching and clinical emphases are phonetics/phonology and speech sound disorders in children. She has published and presented widely in these areas both nationally and internationally. Her textbook Articulation and Phonology in Speech Sound Disorders (Pearson, 2020) is presently being edited for its sixth edition. In addition, she has published Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology: From Concepts to Transcription (2009) with Pearson.

Diane Garcia

Diane Garcia, MS, CCC-SLP, has worked as a speech-language pathologist and program specialist in the public schools. She was previously on the faculty at the University of Redlands, where she supervised the children's speech sound disorders clinic and taught undergraduate and graduate courses. Diane's areas of expertise and research include assessment and remediation of articulation, motor speech, and phonological disorders in children. She has presented both nationally and regionally on these topics.

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