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Progressive Tinnitus Management: Counseling Guide

James A. Henry, Tara L. Zaugg, Paula J. Myers, Caroline J. Kendall
300 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Spiral Bound, 8.5 x 11"
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This book is designed for conducting one-on-one counseling. While the PTM counseling involves both audiologic and psychologic counseling, this book focuses on the audiologic counseling. Normally, this book would be used for patients who require PTM Level 5 Individualized Support. However, it can be used for any patient who requires individual counseling to learn how to manage reactions to tinnitus. The Counseling Guide is used like a flip chart, but laid flat on a table between clinician and patient. One side provides bulleted talking points to aid the clinician in describing the concepts. The other side faces the patient and shows simplified text and illustrations to facilitate comprehension.

The Counseling Guide, which is almost 300 pages long, includes three sections. The first section is a complete description of the PTM audiologic counseling, which corresponds to the education that is provided during the first Level 3 group workshop. The second section corresponds to the second Level 3 group workshop, as a follow-up to the first workshop. The third section is a counseling guide for patients who suffer from reduced sound tolerance (hyperacusis).

A 76-minute audio CD is included with the Counseling Guide. The CD contains a tutorial of how sound can be used to manage tinnitus, followed by samples of different sounds. Clinicians can use the CD to supplement the PTM counseling.


  • Ryan McCreery, M.S. (Boys Town National Research Hospital), Doody's Review Service:
    "This is a useful clinical tool for audiologists to be used in conjunction with the other two books in the series for developing a clinical treatment program. The counseling guide provides high-quality visual examples to help guide group treatment sessions, as well as counsel tinnitus patients with reduced sound tolerance. The audio CD provides examples of different sounds for sound therapy approaches to tinnitus management."

Section 1. Managing Your Tinnitus: What to Do and How to do it (Introduction)

  • Part 1: Review the Tinnitus and Hearing Survey
  • Part 2: Learning How to Make a “Sound Plan” to Manage Tinnitus
  • Part 3: Design Your First “Sound Plan”

Section 2. Managing Your Tinnitus: What to Do and How to do it (Follow-up session)

  • Part 1: Review the Sound Plan Worksheet
  • Part 2: Discuss Your “Sound Plan”
  • Part 3: Ideas for Choosing Devices
  • Part 4: Update Your “Sound Plan”
  • Part 5 (optional): Sound-based Methods of Tinnitus Management
  • Part 6 (optional): Other Things You Can Do

Section 3. What To Do When Everyday Sounds Are Too Loud

About The Authors

James A. Henry

James Henry, PhD, is a certified audiologist with a doctorate in Behavioral Neuroscience. He works as a VA Research Career Scientist at the National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) located at the Portland, Oregon VA Medical Center, and is a Research Professor, Dept. of Otolaryngology, Oregon Health & Science University. He has been at the VA for 23 years, and has conducted tinnitus research for 17 years. His research focuses on the development of standardized protocols for clinical assessment and management of tinnitus, and conducting randomized clinical trials to assess outcomes of different methods of tinnitus intervention.

Tara L. Zaugg

Tara Zaugg, AuD, is a licensed, certified, and clinically-privileged research audiologist employed at the NCRAR. Through her involvement in tinnitus clinical trials over the last 10 years at the NCRAR, she has developed considerable expertise in tinnitus assessment and management, and in the training of audiologists to perform tinnitus management.

Paula J. Myers

Paula Myers, PhD, is an audiologist and former teacher of the Deaf and Deaf-Blind. She works as Chief of the Audiology Section and Cochlear Implant Coordinator at the James A. Haley VA Hospital.

Caroline J. Kendall

Caroline J. Kendall, PhD, is a Research Psychologist and Career Development Award recipient at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System in West Haven, Connecticut and Associate Research Scientist at Yale University. She earned her doctorate at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. in 2004 and has worked at the VA since 2005. Dr. Kendall is interested in psychological interventions for tinnitus and the comorbidities of mental health disorders with tinnitus.