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Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Fourth Edition
Rosemary Lubinski, Melanie W. Hudson
633 pages, Color Illustrations (2 Color), Softcover, 7.5x9.2
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Previously out of print, Plural has made the fourth edition available that was formerly published by Cengage.

The fourth edition of Professional Issues in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology explores the most relevant and critical issues related to professional practice in the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders today. Written by a variety of highly regarded experts in the field, each chapter delves into a critical issue, such as research, education and health care policies, infection prevention, service delivery, multicultural populations, and more. Comprehensive in coverage, the topics provide an up to date view of the profession while preparing readers to earn their ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence. In-depth discussions also address professional pathways and organizations, employment issues, and ethical-legal considerations to get readers thinking about career advancement and success in any setting.

Dolores E. Battle, PhD
Fred H. Bess, PhD
Gail Page Brook, BA
Janet E. Brown, MA
Karen E. Brown, PhD
Judith Felson Duchan, PhD
Carol C. Dudding, PhD
Perry Flynn, MEd
Lee Ann C. Golper, PhD
Charlette Green, MS
Sue T. Hale, MCD
Brooke Hallowell, PhD
Jaynee Handelsman, PhD
Bernard Henri, PhD
Corey L. Herd Cassidy, PhD
Louise M.H. Hickson, PhD
Jennifer Horner, PhD, JD
Melanie W. Hudson, MA
Alex Johnson, PhD
Hortencia Kayser, PhD
Raymond D. Kent, PhD
Ann W. Kummer, PhD
Rosemary Lubinski, EdD
Thomas D. Miller, PhD, JD
Barbara J. Moore, EdD
Marva Mount, MA
Anna M. O'Callaghan, PhD
Diane R. Paul, PhD
Paul R. Rao, PhD
Susan E. Sparks, MA
Steven C. White, PhD
Kenneth E. Wolf, PhD
Linda E. Worrall, PhD

SECTION 1 - Overview of the Professions

1) Professions for the Twenty-First Century
2) Professional Issues: A View from History
3) Establishing Competencies in Professional Education, Certification, and Licensure
4) Professional Organizations
5) Professional Ethics
6) Professional Liability
7) International Alliances

SECTION II - Employment Issues

8) Workforce Issues in Communication Sciences and Disorders
9) Finding Employment
10) Building Your Career
11) Professional Autonomy and Collaboration
12) Support Personnel in Communication Sciences and Disorders

SECTION III - Setting-Specific Issues

13) Health Care Legislation, Regulation, and Financing
14) Service Delivery in Health Care Settings
15) Education Policy and Service Delivery
16) Service Delivery Issues in Early Intervention
17) Service Delivery issues in Private Practice
18) Strategically Promoting Access to Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Services

SECTION IV - Working Productively

19) Policies and Procedures
20) Documentation Issues
21) Successful Leadership: Influencing Others to Follow Your Lead
22) Infection Prevention
23) Child Abuse and Elder Mistreatment
24) Service Delivery for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations
25) Supervision and Mentoring
26) Technology in the Digital Age
27) Stress, Conflict, and Coping in the Workplace

SECTION V - Evidence-Based Practice

28) The Future of Science
29) Applying Evidence to Clinical Practice

About The Authors

Rosemary Lubinski


Melanie W. Hudson

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