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Phonological Awareness Training for High Schools (PATHS)

Illustrated (B/W), Spiral Bound, 8.5 x 11"
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Team Members: Carolyn Burrows, Speech Pathologist, Julie Marinac, Speech Pathologist, Kathryn Pitty, Learning Support Teacher

  • Classroom Identification Instrument: printed manual plus record forms on CD-ROM
  • Support Program: printed manual plus student activity book on CD-ROM

This complete program helps students in Grades 8 to 12 improve phonological awareness, which is the primary cause for many students’ specific reading disability. The program focuses on improving students’ abilities to apply word attack skills, utilize phonic rules, listen to spoken words, and identify, remember and manipulate sounds. Through a blend of phonological awareness rules together with rules of grammar, students work through finely graded listening activities that highlight and demonstrate how words are constructed of sounds that can be segmented, isolated or manipulated.

Included is a survey tool that provides objective data regarding “at risk” students. Although not a diagnostic tool, it provides proactive identification of students who require extra assistance to gain mastery over the phonological aspects of literacy.

  • Preface
  • Background Information to the PATHS Program
    • Introduction
      Creating Awareness
      Author's Intent
      The PATHS Process
      Professional Development
      Ultimate Reasons for the Development of PATHS
    • Session Overviews
  • Other Components
    • Phonological Awareness Training for High Schools Support Program
    • Phonological Awareness Training for High Schools Support Program Student Activity Book
    • Classroom Identification Instrument, Administration Manual

CD Contents:

  • Classroom Identification Instrument- Student Record Form A
  • Classroom Identification Instrument- Student Record Form B
  • Learning Preference Sheet (Appendix E)
  • Reading Log (Appendix F)
  • Student Activity Booklet
  • Vowel Automaticity Flashcards (Appendix C)