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Noncardiac Chest Pain
A Growing Medical Problem

Ronnie Fass, Guy D. Eslick
188 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Hardcover, 7 x 10"
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Noncardiac chest pain (NCCP) remains an enigmatic condition that continues to represent a major challenge not only to modern gastroenterology, but also the fields of cardiology and psychiatric medicine. It is a poorly understood and heterogeneous condition with numerous underlying potential mechanisms. Limited progress has been made in recent years, however, there is a dearth of good quality clinical studies, pathophysiological research as well as population and hospital epidemiological data. Noncardiac chest pain is a very common and debilitating condition which impacts greatly on individual’s both physically and psychosocially. The most complex and difficult aspects of noncardiac chest pain remain its diagnosis and management.

This is the first and only book to provide a comprehensive review of non-cardiac chest pain. Gathered here are the current world authorities in the field who have provided their insights and expertise on a variety of topics including epidemiology, cardiologist's perspective, pathophysiology, non esophageal causes, sensory testing, psychological disorders, diagnosis, use of proton-pump inhibitors, brain imaging, economics, treatment, quality of life, prognosis and future developments.

  • Table of Contents
  • Epidemiology
    Guy Eslick;
  • Evaluation of Chest Pain: A Cardiology Perspective for Gastroenterologist
    Paul Fenster and Vincent L. Sorrell;
  • Pathophysiology of Noncardiac Chest Pain
    Ronnie Fass, Jae Geun Hyun, and Justin L. Sewell;
  • Non-cardiac, Non-esophageal Causes of Chest Pain
    Sami R. Achem and Ken R. DeVault;
  • Sensory Testing in Non Cardiac Chest Pain
    Abhishek Sharma and Qasim Aziz;
  • Psychological Disorders
    Guy D. Eslick;
  • Diagnosis of Non-Cardiac Chest Pain
    Elisa M. Faybush and Ronnie Fass;
  • The Proton Pump Inhibitor(PPI) Therapeutic Trial
    Wai-Man Wong and Ronnie Fass;
  • Brain Imaging in Non-Cardiac Chest Pain
    Anthony R. Hobson and Qasim Aziz;
  • Treatment
    Michael Shapiro, Anmarie Moore, and Ronnie Fass;
  • Economics (Direct and Indirect Costs)
    Guy D. Eslick;
  • Quality of Life
    Guy D. Eslick;
  • Prognosis
    Guy D. Eslick;
  • The Future
    Ronnie Fass.

About The Authors

Ronnie Fass

Ronnie Fass MD is a Professor of Medicine (tenured) at the University of Arizona, School of Medicine; Head, Neuroenteric Clinical Research Group; Director GI Motility Laboratories, Southern Arizona VA Health Care System and University of Arizona Health Sciences Center.

Guy D. Eslick

Dr. Guy D. Eslick, PhD at the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Public Health School of Public Health, The University of Sydney and Clinical Epidemiologist at the Department of Medicine, The University of Sydney Nepean Hospital, Australia