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Hearing and Aging

Raymond H. Hull
192 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 6 x 9"
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This is the first book written and published that is dedicated solely to hearing loss in older adulthood and, importantly, the processes involved in serving the special needs of older adults who are hearing impaired. It is a concise book, but provides important information for those entering many fields that have as their intent to serve older adults either as a supplement to other texts on communication disorders in aging, or as a concise primary text.

In this video, Ray H. Hull talks about why this is an important book for every audiologist to own.




1 Hearing Loss In Older Adulthood.

2 The Impact of Impaired Hearing on Older Adults

3 Facilitating Psychological Adjustment to Impaired Hearing

4 Special Considerations for the Use of Hearing Aids for Older Adults

5 Techniques for Improving Listening and Communication Skills for Older Adults Who Possess Impaired Hearing

6 Older Adults in Health Care Facilities

7 Serving the Special Needs of Older Adults with Impaired Hearing in Health Care Facilities


Appendix A. Suggestions for Coping in Difficult Listening Situations

Appendix B. Books and Materials on Hearing Loss in Aging

Appendix C. Selected Resources for Assisting Older Adults with Impaired Hearing


About The Author

Raymond H. Hull

Raymond H. Hull, PhD is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Coordinator—Doctor of Audiology Program, College of Health Professions, Wichita State University, and CEO of “The Center for Communication Solutions”. He was Chair of the Department of Communication Disorders, University of Northern Colorado for twelve years; held administrative posts within the Graduate School, being responsible for Graduate Program Review and Evaluation both at UNC and Wichita State University for 8 years; was the Director of Planning and Budget for the Office of the President for seven successful years at the University of Northern Colorado.

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