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Essentials of Modern Hearing Aids
Selection, Fitting, and Verification

Todd A. Ricketts, Ruth Bentler, H Gustav Mueller
888 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Hardcover, 8.5 x 11"
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Essentials of Modern Hearing Aids: Selection, Fitting, and Verification is a comprehensive textbook, ideal for graduate-level amplification courses in audiology programs. It also is the ultimate go-to reference for anyone fitting and dispensing hearing aids. This is truly an "A to Z" textbook, with topics including audiologic prefitting testing, needs assessment and treatment planning, hearing aid selection, verification, orientation and counseling, post-fitting follow-up, and real-world validation. Moreover, a substantial portion of the book reviews the underlying up-to-date design and function of digital hearing aid components, circuitry and processing, the wide assortment of hearing aid features, and the many algorithms that make these features work successfully.

The world-renowned authors have included numerous prefitting and post-fitting tests that can be conducted along with step-by-step protocols for their administration and scoring. They also review the selection of hearing aid styles and fitting arrangements, explain the process of obtaining an ear impression, and making critical decisions regarding earmolds and hearing aid plumbing. Essentials of Modern Hearing Aids provides guidance for selecting prescriptive fitting approaches and detailed protocols for the use of behavioral measures and real-ear speech mapping to both verify the fitting and assess special hearing aid features. Follow-up care and validation options also are reviewed, with detailed guidelines for using a wide range of outcome measures.

Key Features

  • Included throughout the text are short paragraphs identified as "Technical Tips," "Key Concepts," "Things to Remember," "Points to Ponder," and "Soapbox" for quick reference.
  • The text covers both foundation and direct clinical application.
  • The veteran authors have over 100 years of combined experience in day-to-day patient care and clinical research.
  • The book is infused with humor throughout!
  • The text comes with a PluralPlus companion website with many of the forms and scoresheets needed to facilitate the pre- and post- fitting measures described in the text as well as PowerPoint slides with all of the figures from the text arranged by chapter.

Written in an accessible and easy-to-read style, this text includes not only reference information, but also tools supported by research and clinical experience. The information is presented in a way that is both accessible to clinical students with little experience in the field and with enough depth for even the serious hearing aid researcher. The text is also appropriate as a handy companion for busy clinicians - a friendly resource where they can quickly find critical information needed for the next patient.

Douglas L. Beck, AuD, speaks with Todd A. Ricketts in the April 2018 issue of The Hearing Review about a range of topics including best practices in hearing aid fitting.

Read the interview here.


Chapter 1. Evidenced-Based Practice

Chapter 2. The Audiologist and Hearing Aid Provision

Chapter 3. Understanding the Hearing Aid Candidate

Chapter 4. Speech Acoustics

Chapter 5. Pre-Fitting Tests Using Frequency-Specific Measures

Chapter 6. Pre-Fitting Testing Using Speech Material

Chapter 7. Self-Assessment Scales for Pre-Fitting Testing

Chapter 8. Hearing Aid Styles and Fitting Applications

Chapter 9. Ear Impressions, Earmolds, and Associated Plumbing

Chapter 10. Hearing Aid Hardware and Software: The Basics

Chapter 11. Signal Classification and Sound Cleaning Technologies

Chapter 12. More Hearing Aid Features and Algorithms

Chapter 13. Electroacoustic and Other Quality Control Techniques

Chapter 14. Prescriptive Formulas and Programming

Chapter 15. Behavioral Assessment During Clinical Fittings

Chapter 16. Probe-Microphone Measures: Rationale and Procedures

Chapter 17. Probe-Microphone Measures: Clinical Uses

Chapter 18. Hearing Aid Orientation and Troubleshooting

Chapter 19. Validation: Self-Report Outcomes

Chapter 20. Supplemental Information: Corrections, Conversions, and Calculations


About The Authors

Todd A. Ricketts

Todd A. Ricketts, PhD, CCC-A, is a professor at Vanderbilt Medical Center, the vice chair in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, and the director of the Dan Maddox Hearing Aid Research Laboratory. He is a fellow of the American Speech and Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology. Dr. Ricketts' research focuses on various aspects of hearing, hearing aids, and cochlear implants, and he has published more than 100 articles and book chapters on the topics. Although Dr. Ricketts grew up a Midwesterner and completed his academic training at the University of Iowa, he left the plains and cornfields for the beautiful hills and trees of Tennessee, which he has made his home for almost twenty years.

Ruth Bentler

Ruth Bentler, PhD, CCC-A, is a professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorder at the University of Iowa. A native Iowan, Dr. Bentler did not stray far from her roots, as her 40-year professional career has been at the University of Iowa, where she also obtained her professional degrees. She is a fellow of the American Speech and Hearing Association and the American Academy of Audiology. As the director of the Hearing Aid Laboratory for Basic and Applied Research, Dr. Bentler has been involved in numerous research endeavors involving the effectiveness of modern hearing aid features. She teaches graduate courses related to hearing aids and adult auditory rehabilitation, and has published more than 100 articles and book chapters on the topic.

H Gustav Mueller

H. Gustav Mueller, PhD, is a professor of audiology at Vanderbilt University and has faculty appointments at the University of Northern Colorado and Rush University. He also serves as the senior contributing editor for AudiologyOnline and consulting editor for Plural Publishing. He is a founder of the American Academy of Audiology and a fellow of the American Speech and Hearing Association, and has co-authored numerous books, including the recent Plural Publications: Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids, Speech Mapping and Probe Microphone Measurements, and Modern Hearing Aids (Volumes I and II). Dr. Mueller is the co-founder of the popular website and resides on a North Dakota island, just outside of Bismarck.

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