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Emergent Literacy
Lessons for Success

Sonia Q. Cabell, Laura M. Justice, Joan Kaderavek, Khara L. Pence, Allison Breit-Smith
165 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 8.5 x 11"
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Emergent Literacy: Lessons for Success is a flexible tool designed for speech-language pathologists to enhance emergent literacy intervention for preschool and kindergarten-age children. The book includes 90 lessons addressing key areas of emergent literacy: phonological awareness, print concepts, alphabet knowledge, emergent writing, inferential language, and vocabulary. These lessons are suitable for use in clinical settings as well as in collaboration with classroom teachers. Also included are an overview of emergent literacy, differentiation recommendations, and suggestions for lesson integration across the key areas.

  • Part I: Overview
    • 1. Overview of Emergent Literacy
    • 2. Differentiating Emergent Literacy Instruction
    • 3. How to Use This Book
  • Part II: Code-Related Lesson Plans
    • 4. Phonological Awareness
    • 5. Print Awareness
    • 6. Alphabet Knowledge
    • 7. Emergent Writing
  • Part III: Oral Language Lesson Plans
    • 8. Inferential Language
    • 9. Vocabulary
  • References
  • Index

About The Authors

Sonia Q. Cabell

Sonia Q. Cabell, MEd, is a doctoral candidate in Reading Education at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia, Charlottesville. A certified reading specialist, Cabell has worked as a second grade teacher and a literacy coach in both Oklahoma and Virginia. She currently serves as the research coordinator in the Preschool Language and Literacy Lab at the University of Virginia. Her research projects investigate aspects of emergent literacy among preschool children who are at risk for later reading difficulties.

Laura M. Justice

Laura M. Justice, PhD, Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning, The Ohio State University, Columbus

Joan Kaderavek

Joan Kaderavek, PhD, is Professor in Early Childhood Education in the College of Education at the University of Toledo, Ohio. She conducts research and publishes in the areas of early childhood language and literacy development, literacy interventions for children with special educational needs, and effective instructional practices for early childhood classrooms.

Khara L. Pence

Khara L. Pence, PhD is a Research Faculty in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia.

Allison Breit-Smith

Allison Breit-Smith, PhD, is a Post Doctoral Researcher in the College of Education and Human Ecology at Ohio State University. Her research focuses on early language development and emergent literacy skills in children with disabilities with an emphasis on interactive book sharing. She has worked professionally for many years as a speech-language pathologist in the public schools.

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