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Evaluation and Management of Speech Breathing Disorders
Priciples and Methods

Thomas J. Hixon, Jeannette D. Hoit
461 pages, Hardcover, 7 x 10"
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The FIRST text ever on speech breathing disorders! This text takes the reader from the laboratory to the clinic. A hallmark is its strong translational focus. Seven chapters lay out Preliminaries, Foundations of Breathing, Normal Speech Breathing, Evaluation of Speech Breathing, Management of Speech Breathing, Ventilator-Supported Speech Breathing, and Clinical Applications. Detailed table of contents. Review.

Included in this edition are 461 pages of text, 28 original figures, 7 new clinical forms (including a bedside evaluation protocol), 54 sidetracks (asides of historical and modern interest), 8 instructional clinical scenarios, and 254 interdisciplinary references. This unique text offers coverage of all of the latest advances in this area, provides information never before published, and gives the clinician a user-friendly framework from which to approach client care. Aspiring and working speech-language pathologists, pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, and related professionals are the targeted audience.

The principles and methods discussed are applicable to clients with neuromotor disorders, voice disorders, and pulmonary disorders. Detailed evaluation protocols are included for case history, auditory-perceptual, physical, and instrumental examinations. Sixteen major sections are devoted to management methods. Special features include extensive coverage of speaking-related dyspnea and detailed sections on each of the five types of ventilatory support in individuals who cannot breathe on their own. Case scenarios focus on functional misuse of the breathing apparatus, low cervical spinal cord injury, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, high cervical spinal cord injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, respiratory myoclonus, cerebellar tumor, and muscular dystrophy.


  • Joseph R. Duffy, Ph.D., Mayo Clinic:
    "This is a terrific book and a wonderful contribution to the discipline and profession. It rolls into a single source much of what teachers, students, and clinicians need to know to take a step toward competence in the area. The style in which the book is written seems close to perfect. Its depth is disguised by its clarity and tremendously useful analogies and careful explanations. This is a book that should probably be on the desk of any clinician who works with people who have medically related speech disorders."

  • Ronald W. Netsell, Ph.D., Southwest Missouri State University:
    "Evaluation and Management of Speech Breathing Disorders will be an instant classic. No other text has addressed the topic in such breadth and depth. Drs. Hixon and Hoit probably have published more research on the subject matter than anyone, and may be the two top authorities in the world on speech breathing and its disorders. This book is a must for anyone interested in breathing for speech."

  • John C. Rosenbek, Ph.D., University of Florida:
    "vowed never to write a blurb for a professional book. That vow disappeared when I read Hixon and Hoit’s Evaluation and Management of Speech Breathing Disorders. This is a clinical book of the very best kind. It is specific and complete so that beginning or unsure clinicians can use it to initiate or improve their treatment of speech breathing disorders. It is wise enough to support experienced clinicians and researchers in creative expansion of their clinical or research armamentarium. It is also fun to read. The authors are clearly visible behind the words. I like the view and want them for my clinicians if I can’t breathe to talk."

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Preliminaries
  • Chapter 2: Foundations of Breathing
  • Chapter 3: Normal Speech Breathing
  • Chapter 4: Evaluation of Speech Breathing
  • Chapter 5: Management of Speech Breathing
  • Chapter 6: Ventilator-Supported Speech Breathing
  • Chapter 7: Clinical Applications
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index
  • About the Authors

About The Authors

Thomas J. Hixon

Thomas J. Hixon, PhD, (1940-2009), received his PhD from the University of Iowa and did postdoctoral work in physiology at Harvard University. He was Professor Emeritus of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Dean Emeritus of the Graduate College at the University of Arizona and had been Head of the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Director of the National Center for Neurogenic Communication Disorders, Director of Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs, Director of the Movement Neuroscience Program, Research Integrity Officer, and Associate Vice President for Research at the same institution. Dr. Hixon was a Fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and was awarded Honors of the Association, the Council of Editor's Award, two Journal Editor's Awards from the Association for the outstanding article of the year, and a Career Teaching Award from the University of Arizona. Dr. Hixon served as Editor of the Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, Speech Section Editor of the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, and an editorial reviewer and/or Associate Editor to over a dozen other speech and voice journals. His research interests centered on normal and abnormal speech production and the biomechanics of singing.

Jeannette D. Hoit

Jeannette D. Hoit, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Director of Postdoctoral Affairs at the University of Arizona and a speech-language pathologist. Dr. Hoit received her BA in Anthropology from the University of California at Los Angeles, her MA in Communicative Disorders from San Diego State University, and her PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Arizona, and she pursued postdoctoral study in the Harvard School of Public Health Respiratory Biology Program and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Speech Research Laboratory. Dr. Hoit's research focuses on speech physiology, with an emphasis on normal aging and development, neuromotor speech disorders, and respiratory function and dysfunction. Dr. Hoit is a past and current editor of the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, a fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and past president of the American Association of Phonetic Sciences. She has received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from San Diego State University and several teaching and mentoring awards from the University of Arizona.