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Diagnosis and Treatment of Traumatic Injuries to the Pediatric Craniofacial Skeleton

Charles E. Moore, M.D.
87 pages, Color Illustrations (4 Color), Hardcover, 8.5 x 11"
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Diagnosis and Treatment of Traumatic Injuries to the Pediatric Craniofacial Skeleton documents the current research in the area and promotes a team-based treatment approach. Written from a multi-disciplinary perspective, this text exposes the reader to a discussion of issues pertinent to pediatric facial trauma from the viewpoint of an oral surgeon, neurosurgeon, dentist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, radiologist, plastic surgeon, and craniomaxillofacial surgeon. Close cooperation among all those working in the various related disciplines and specialties for the craniomaxillofacial area is essential to ensure optimal results for patients. Given that there are many ways to achieve the desired results in medicine and surgery, continuous exposure to new and innovative concepts is essential in order to provide the best care to the pediatric patient.

  • Preface
  • Airway Issues in Pediatric Trauma
    Jodi D. Zuckerman, MD and Charles E. Moore, MD
  • Resorbable Materials in Pediatric Craniofacial Trauma Surgery
    Martin B. Steed, DDS
  • Soft Tissue and Bony Injury of the Pediatric Face
    Russell Ashinoff, MD and Albert Losken, MD
  • Pediatric Orbital Trauma
    C. Robert Bernardino, MD FACS
  • Pediatric Mandibular Fractures
    Steven Roser, MD
  • Trauma to the Developing Teeth
    Michael P. Healey, DDS
  • Frontal Sinus Fractures and Neurosurgical Issues in Pediatric Trauma
    Carrie Muh, MD and David Wrubel, MD
  • Injuries Related to Facial Growth and Fracture Patterns in Pediatric Trauma
    Frederick Durden, MD and Amanda Corey, MD
  • Imaging of Pediatric Facial Fractures
    Amanda Corey, MD
  • Index

About The Author

Charles E. Moore, M.D.

Charles E. Moore, MD serves on the faculty of the Otolaryngology Department at Emory University. He is also Chief of Service in the Department of Otolaryngology at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

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