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Cleft Palate Speech and Resonance
An Audio and Video Resource

Linda D. Vallino, Dennis M. Ruscello, David J. Zajac
Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 6 x 9" 1 lbs
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Cleft Palate Speech and Resonance: An Audio and Video Resource is a clinical tool to train students and clinicians to reliably identify articulation, resonance, nasal air emission, and voice aspects of cleft palate speech. The resource contains high quality audio and video recordings of speech samples and cases studies that represent a variety of speech symptoms associated with cleft palate. In addition, it includes a brief overview of various cleft types and a protocol for the clinical assessment of patients with cleft related speech disorders. All information presented is evidence-based and reflects the most current knowledge on cleft palate speech.

Assessment and treatment concepts in cleft care have changed significantly over the past 25 years and students and speech-language pathologists need easy access to information and materials which explicitly deal with each communication disorder and are state of the art. Children with cleft lip and palate constitute a low incidence population, and many practitioners have limited academic or clinical training in this area. The goal of this resource is to improve the knowledge base and clinical skills of practitioners by presenting current information through a range of auditory-perceptual experiences.

Key Features:

  • Case studies with an extensive array of audio and video samples of recorded speech disorders produced by individuals with cleft palate -- available on a PluralPlus companion website
  • Addresses both knowledge and skills by presenting a wide range of auditory-perceptual experiences and content knowledge that will help the student and clinician identify the variety of speech disorders in cleft palate and the methods by which to assess them
  • The speech samples in this resource reflect current thinking and it contains more high quality digital speech samples and cases than any other current text
  • Provides the reader with concise yet complete descriptions of the speech features associated with cleft palate and a systematic approach to assessing speech, resonance, and phonation
  • Glossary of terms

For instructors of speech-language pathology, Cleft Palate Speech and Resonance provides a much-needed teaching resource that is necessary to understanding and identifying speech disorders in speakers with cleft palate. Practicing speech-language pathologists can use it to retool their skills and it is also a great resource for dental and medical students and residents as well as those practitioners who already serve a cleft palate team.


About The Authors

Linda D. Vallino

Linda D. Vallino, PhD, CCC-SLP/A, is head of the Craniofacial Outcomes Research Laboratory and Senior Speech Scientist at the Center for Pediatric Auditory and Speech Sciences at Nemours/Alfred I. DuPont Hospital for Children, where she also serves on the Cleft Palate/Craniofacial Team. She is professor of pediatrics at The Sidney Kimmel Medical College-Thomas Jefferson University, and adjunct associate professor in the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Delaware.

Dennis M. Ruscello


David J. Zajac

David J. Zajac, PhD, CCC-SLP, is professor in the Department of Dental Ecology, School of Dentistry, and adjunct in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Department of Allied Health Sciences, School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also serves as director of speech-language pathology in the Craniofacial Center.

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