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Vocal Health

Richard Stasney, Sharon L. Radionoff, J David Garrett, Robert O'Brien
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Vocal Health is a CD ROM that provides valuable information on how to keep your voice healthy. Three interdisciplinary experts from the field of Professional Voice Care discuss medical and functional guidelines. Vocal Health is designed by J. David Garrett Ph.D. (Speaking Voice), C. Richard Stasney M.D. (General Health) and Sharon L. Radionoff Ph.D. (Singing Voice).

General Health
Includes rollover views of important muscles in the neck, different pathologies with actual video images and animations.

Speaking Health
Several video examples show what it looks like when you cough, smoke, scream, whisper, throat clear and more. Additional feature: Includes educational aspects of voice care and how to avoid these abusive behaviors.

Singing Health
Shows normal classical and commercial singing styles. The abusive section includes glottal attacks and complications such as hemorrhage, polyps, nodules and more. Video footage also demonstrates a voice prep, singing lesson and choir and stage rehearsals. This section further includes educational aspects of voice care.

Support Card
A full color, plastic laminated card that details several ares of vocal health. Included with the Vocal Health software or available separately.

Minimum Requirements:
For Microsoft Windows: An Intel Pentium III 800 processor running Windows 98SE, 2000 SP1, XP SP2, or NT version 4.0 SP6 or later; 512 MB of installed RAM; and a color monitor

Soundcard with MIDI
QuickTime 5.0 or better (latest version installed during setup, Mac assumes prior install)
Free space on hard drive 100 MB

About The Authors

Richard Stasney

Sharon L. Radionoff

Dr. Sharon L. Radionoff had early exposure to many kinds of music through church/community choirs, concert/marching band as well as piano study and performance. Her love for music and teaching grew as she studied music in college. Although voice was her main instrument, she continued studies of trombone and piano and performed in recitals, operas, musicals, choirs, bands and orchestras. Upon graduating with her BME from Eastern Michigan University, she became a Middle School/High School band director. During this time, she attended an MENC conference at the University of Michigan where she heard Dr. Robert T. Sataloff lecture on “Care of the Professional Voice.” This one lecture fueled her passion and changed the course of her life and as they say, ‘the rest is history.’ This passion provoked her into knowing not just how to get desired vocal results but what allows these results to occur in the healthiest way. This zeal for voice care continued through her master’s degree study at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and upon graduation she taught a variety of choirs, directed musicals and taught a full studio of voice students at Co-Lin Jr. College and then Southwestern Michigan College. She also directed community and church choirs.

Six years after their initial meeting, Dr. Sataloff invited her to complete a professional fellowship at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Arts Medicine Center in Philadelphia, PA. Post fellowship and Ph.D coursework, she became the singing voice specialist at the Texas Voice Center with Dr. C. Richard Stasney. While there she conducted her dissertation research and was awarded her Ph.D. from Michigan State University in 1996. She has taught undergraduate and graduate vocal pedagogy, vocal pathways and studio voice students at University of Houston and vocal pedagogy at Rice University. Currently she is Singing Voice Specialist and Director of the Sound Singing Institute as well as being a team member at the Texas Voice Center.

As a Singing Voice Specialist, Dr. Radionoff has a unique viewpoint in the field of Arts Medicine. Her education and experience as both teacher and performer as well as her motivation to know the why and the how, have created a platform of practical knowledge which enables her to empower singers to find healing and fulfillment.

Dr. Radionoff may be contacted at the Sound Singing Institute by phone (713) 960-1648, fax (713) 521-1674, or e-mail: Log on to the website for further information concerning lectures or publications.

J David Garrett

Robert O'Brien

Founder, Blue Tree Publishing, Inc.

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