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Fred Minifie, Robert O'Brien
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Stop action animation and incredible x-ray videos of the swallowing action. Plus, a unique back view of swallowing with or without the bolus.

Back View
A cutout view of the body shows respiration in action. Featuring rollovers and animation in body and head views. Includes sound in the both head view animation and in a unique animation of the of a cutaway view of the larynx as it generates a sounds wave.

Body View
Features animation and rollovers of the ribs, diaphragm and lungs working together. Views include front side, back and rollover of the muscle groups as well.

Head View
The Head View features animation of normal and abnormal swallowing. See the patients cough back solids and liquids. All animation include stopped action frames for easy viewing of the swallowing action.

Support Card
A full color, plastic laminated card that details the swallowing action. Included with the Swallowing software or available separately.

Minimum Requirements:
For Microsoft Windows: An Intel Pentium III 800 processor running Windows 98SE, 2000 SP1, XP SP2, or NT version 4.0 SP6 or later; 512 MB of installed RAM; and a color monitor

Soundcard with MIDI
QuickTime 5.0 or better (latest version installed during setup, Mac assumes prior install)
Free space on hard drive 100 MB


  • ENT News:
    "This presentation would certainly be a very useful aid to demonstrate to patients with swallowing problems and to help their understanding of the abnormalities or difficulties perceived by them, It would also be a valuable teaching aid for nursoing and medical staff as well as for therapists."

About The Authors

Fred Minifie


Robert O'Brien

Founder, Blue Tree Publishing, Inc.

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