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The Brain

Tina Veale
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Two support cards
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The Brain program will take you on a guided tour through the basic structures and functions of the human brain. The seat of perception, thought, language, sensation, and movement, it is the most complex command center of any living organism. This program has 70 animations to detail and explain cranial nerves, pathways and tracts, including 32 rollover descriptions covering surface and internal anatomy and cranial nerves. It includes two double-sided support cards. All sections include detailed text explanations.


About The Author

Tina Veale

Tina K. Veale is an Associate Professor in the Department of
Communication Disorders and Sciences at Eastern Illinois University. In addition to her university positions, Dr. Veale is the owner and chief executive officer of Comprehensive Concepts in Speech and Hearing, Inc., a private practice in Cincinnati, Ohio (1982-present). She developed and operated Wee Talk, a preschool for children with communication challenges, from 1990-1998. She has also worked as a language development specialist in a county educational facility for individuals with mental retardation and as a public school special educator for children with severe/multiple impairments. Dr. Veale is currently an
autism consultant for the West Central Illinois Special Education Cooperative and for Charleston Community Unit School District #1.