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Atlas of Otoscopy

Second Edition
Joseph B. Touma, B. Joseph Touma, MD
201 pages, eBook
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The second edition is available as an ebook (in ePub format). Order now and then download the file within 24 hours of purchase. When ordering the ebook from a mobile device, you might encounter issues downloading it due to the large size of the file (160MB). You can download it on your PC, and use your file manager or iTunes to upload the ePub file to your mobile device.

The second edition of the Atlas of Otoscopy, available as an ebook, features many updated images to assist professionals in making proper diagnoses and initiating the necessary treatment. It covers a wide variety of diseases, ranging from common conditions such as middle ear effusion to rare entities such as glomus tumor.

  • Includes 17 chapters with 172 stunning otoscopic images
  • Quickly and clearly enables correct diagnosis and treatment options
  • Invaluable for otolaryngologists as well as family physicians, pediatricians, residents, audiologists, and students

Atlas of Otoscopy, Second Edition includes:

Chapter 1: Normal Typmpanic Membrane (7 images)
Chapter 2: Serious Otitis Media (10 images)
Chapter 3: Acute Otitis Media (11 images)
Chapter 4: Ventilation Tubes (6 images)
Chapter 5: Neomembranes and Tympanosclerosis (7 images)
Chapter 6: Adhesive Otitis Media & Ossicular Necrosis (13 images)
Chapter 7: Perforations (15 images)
Chapter 8: Barotrauma & Traumatic Perforations (10 images)
Chapter 9: Temporal Bone Fractures (7 images)
Chapter 10: Cholesteatoma (24 images)
Chapter 11: Aural Poylps (10 images)
Chapter 12: Tympanoplasty (6 images)
Chapter 13: Exostosis (4 images)
Chapter 14: Glomus Tumors (5 images)
Chapter 15: Fungal Otitis Externa (Otomycosis)(6 images)
Chapter 16: Foreign Bodies in the Ear (13 images)
Chapter 17: Miscellaneous Pathology (18 images)

About The Authors

Joseph B. Touma

Joseph B. Touma, MD is Clinical Professor at Marshall University School of Medicine, Huntington and Clinical Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, Morgantown.

B. Joseph Touma, MD

B. Joseph Touma, MD, is Neurotologist and Clinical Instructor at Marshall University School of Medicine, Huntington.

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