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Course Packs

Plural Custom Course Packs

We realize it is sometimes difficult for instructors to find just the right content for a course. If our textbooks cover more than you need, we can work with you to develop a customized e-course pack including book chapters and/or journal articles. Price are based on number of pages and course enrollment.

Once you have ordered a custom course pack, we will host it as a PDF on our website with a special code just for your class. Your students must come to our website to purchase and download the course pack within a certain amount of time.

Book Chapters:

If you have identified chapters among our texts that you would like to use in an e-course pack, or if you are looking for content on a specific subject, but are not sure if our books contain it, please contact us and we will run a search for you and provide a quote.

Articles from the following journals in our archive:

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