Plural Publishing produces leading academic, scientific and clinical publications in the fields of speech-language pathology, audiology, and otolaryngology.

Our Service to Authors

“Professionalism coupled with flexibility, creativity, and a personal touch.”

As an independent company with a tight-knit team of experienced staff and a powerful and unrivalled history in the publishing profession, Plural Publishing, Inc. offers authors and editors the professionalism they would expect from a larger publishing house coupled with the flexibility, creativity and personal touch of a smaller organization.

Plural Publishing, Inc. offers its Authors and Editors:

  • Dedicated acquisitions editors and editorial advisors with strong academic and professional backgrounds in all the fields in which Plural publishes. Plural works closely and constructively with its authors on all aspects of its publications through each stage of the publishing process.
  • Ability to make marketing, editorial and production decisions swiftly: Plural's small, independent status relieves it of the time-consuming and hierarchical decision-making of larger organizations. Contact with senior management is always welcomed.
  • Superior editing and design from our committed production team. Plural aims to exceed the industry standards of efficiency, quality, and professional handling of each and every book we publish.
  • Fast turnaround from submission of a manuscript to publication. Plural's aim is to publish as quickly as possible, recognizing the particular significance of this to academic authors in light of factors such as the Research Assessment Exercise and to practitioners in bringing fast-moving developments to the market swiftly.
  • An interest in publishing books on subjects that other publishers might regard as specialized or "niche'" areas of interest, including texts, readers, monographs, conference proceedings and contributed works., as well as multimedia works.
  • A willingness to publish innovative and challenging products in all aspects of the field of communication sciences and disorders as well as in related fields
  • A desire to publish and develop new authors as well as leading names and create mutually successful and profitable relationships with them.
  • Our close relationships with leading academics and practitioners, allows us access to specialist advice and opinion and ensures that each publication is peer reviewed and the maximum support to authors, editors and contributors is given.
  • Contact with our target audiences through regular attendance at local, national, and international professional conferences and meetings and book fairs.
  • Favorable and flexible royalty arrangements.