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Sharon A. Sandridge, PhD

Sharon A. Sandridge, PhD is currently Director of Clinical Services, and the Co-Director of the Audiology Research Lab (ARL) and Tinnitus Management Center at the Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Sandridge received her B.A. and M.A. from the University of Akron and her PhD from the University of Florida. She has been at the Clinic since 1995 after spending several years as a research associate at the Graduate School of City University of New York and a faculty member at Northern Illinois University. As a member of NOAC (Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium consisting of the University of Akron, Kent State University, and Cleveland Clinic), Dr. Sandridge is actively involved in the clinical training of Doctor of Audiology students. She oversees the supervision of the students and the training of the clinical preceptors at the Clinic.

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