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Larry E. Schutz

Larry E. Schutz, PhD, ABPP

Larry E. Schutz, PhD, has conducted and supervised head injury rehabilitation for 29 years, treating over 5,000 clients. He is currently the neuropsychologist of the Transitional Living Center at Casa Colina Hospital in Southern California, one of the largest neurorehabilitation programs in the world. Previously he designed 11 head injury programs in New Jersey and Florida. He was awarded the first full-time, APA-approved neuropsychological internship in neurorehabilitation at the Palo Alto VA Medical Center and completed advanced study with Yigal Gross, Ph.D., one of the pioneers of the field. Dr. Schutz’s areas of publication include neuropsychological assessment methods, rehabilitation research methods, therapy techniques, theories of treatment, and rehabilitation outcomes. He is one of a handful of neuropsychologists who have been awarded the diplomate in rehabilitation of the American Board of Professional Psychology and selected as a fellow of the National Academy of Neuropsychology. Dr. Schutz is also the founder and chair of the board of directors of GiveBack, Inc., a non-profit organization providing free recovery assistance to survivors.

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