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Kenneth J. Logan

Kenneth J. Logan, PhD, CCC-SLP

Kenneth J. Logan, PhD, CCC-SLP, is an associate professor at the University of Florida, where he serves as director of undergraduate and graduate programs. He completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Colorado State University, and his doctorate degree at Syracuse University. Dr. Logan’s primary area of expertise is fluency disorders. He has taught graduate courses on stuttering for 25 years and has provided clinical services to children, teens, and adults who stutter for more than 30 years. His research has addressed issues such as the effects of linguistic context on speech fluency, listeners’ reactions to stuttered speech, and methods for improving the efficiency of fluency assessment. He has given numerous conference presentations, published dozens of research papers, served as associate editor of the Journal of Fluency Disorders, and coauthored the Test of Childhood Stuttering, a norm-referenced fluency assessment tool. Having stuttered since childhood, Dr. Logan has experienced many of the challenges that come with having a fluency disorder and has been on the receiving end of various fluency therapies. He is happy to say that talking is now one of his favorite activities!

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